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CHARM Clear Aligner
Beyond The Charming Smile

Get ready to reveal your charming smile than before.
Start to see the results within 3-6 months*

At ICHARM, we believe that a charming smile will enhance your personality even more. Our clear aligner is designed to reduce the pains of traditional orthodontic treatment and to best fit with your lifestyles. As it is easy to insert and remove, you then can feel free to enjoy your foods and daily activities anytime. Let’s experience the new charming smile within 3-6 months*.
*depending on each individual treatment plan.

How could ICHARM clear aligner help reveal your charming smile?

  • Reduce pain from traditional orthodontic treatment

    By avoid using of archwires, so you will not feel irritating.

  • The results can be seen within 3 months*

    ICHARM will help you visualize your treatment plan so that you can see the results before starting the treatment process. Typically, you will start noticing the changes within 3-6 months.
    *depending on each individual treatment plan.

  • The clear aligner is easily removed.

    You then can enjoy eating or drinking without worry.

  • More Comfortable with invisible design.

    ICHARM clear aligner enhances your confidence in smiling because there is no visible components and color on the teeth. The invisible design is perfectly matched with patient’s lifestyle. It is also more comfortable to wear and safe for your body.

What kinds of treatments are compatible with ICHARM?

Simple steps to Beyond Your Charming Smile.


Visit the dentist for an assessment.


Scan the teeth using 3D scanning or send the impression to ICHARM specialists


Design a treatment plan by ICHARM specialists.


Confirm treatment plan.


Start your new charming smile with ICHARM.

ICHARM Welcome Set


ICHARM Beginning Set
The starter set for the treatment process


Instruction Card
The manual of using ICHARM


For keeping the aligner case


ICHARM Aligner Case
To store the clear aligner.


Help the aligner conform well with the teeth.


Help remove the clear aligner


ICHARM Aligner

Frequently Ask Questions
about ICHARM

Ans : ICHARM is suitable for patients who need secondary orthodontic treatment or those who has mild to moderate dental problems.

Ans : To start with, you can search for ICHARM clinic partner in your area. After that, visit your dentist to get an assessment, scan your teeth and see the results before starting the treatment process. Once you confirm the plan, the dentist will order the clear aligner for you. You will then finally receive your first set of clear aligner and be ready to reveal your new charming smile.

Ans : ICHARM clear aligner treatment takes around 3 to 6 months.

*depending on each individual treatment plan.


Ans : Typically, you will start noticing the changes from the first set or approximately 2 weeks after the treatment starts.

*depending on each individual treatment plan.

Ans : you can change the clear aligner every 2 weeks.

Ans : It is recommended to see the dentist every 2 weeks.

Ans : You can clean ICHARM clear aligner with cleanser denture but avoid cleaning with all kind of toothpaste.


Smile Assessment

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