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ICHARM Invisible Orthodontic clear aligner system

simplifies the treatment process for any dentists. It is specially crafted using the Ortho Analyzer Software to guarantee accurate and effective outcomes at each stage.
Why ICHARM is better?
  • Quick results within 3 months*

    Patients typically starts to see progress 3 to 6 months
    *depending on their individualized treatment plan.

  • Convenient at every step.

    Introducing our dedicated team of ICHARM specialists who will closely collaborate with you to ensure a seamless process.
    Additionally, our nationwide sales service team is readily available, providing you with the convenience of receiving assistance at any time.

  • Affordable price for everyone

    * Starting at 35,000THB

What kinds of treatments are compatible with ICHARM?


ICHARM Standard

We prioritize your safety at ICHARM, which is why you can trust that our production standards have received certification from ISO 13485:2016 and FDA.

World class quality

Produced by the world-class quality material, Zendura FLX ensures your body’s safety.

Dual Shell Material

Helps enhancing the tooth movement.


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